Thank you for attending the 2nd Annual GRIND Conference!


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The 2nd Annual GRIND Conference took place on Friday, March 9, 2018 at Morgan State University in the University Student Center. It was brought to you by the Morgan State Graduate Student Association with support from the School of Graduate Studies, the Department of Advanced Leadership and Policy Studies, Professor Wilbur Hicks,,Liberated Muse Arts GroupThe Creative Midwife and The Living Well.

Winners of the Research Poster Competition:


First place winner of the poster research competition was Nicole Arnold. Her research was titled, “The effect of socioeconomic factors on Disease Pathways: An exploration of Baltimore health disparities”.


Second place winner of the poster competition was the ASCEND program team of researchers led by Dy’mon Walker. Their research was titled, “EFFECT OF SALINITY ON MICROCYSTIN TOXIN PRODUCTION AMONG VARIOUS CYANOBACTERIAL SPECIES”


Third place winner of the poster competition, Snehanshu Banerjee. His research poster was titled, “Impact of different work zone barriers on driving behavior on arterial roads”

Winners of the Faculty INSPIRE Award,

a Student Choice Award Presented by the MSGSA

Dr. Paul Archibald and Dr. Dia Sekayi were voted by students to receive the INSPIRE award. Dr. Milton accepted on behalf of Dr. Paul Archibald.

Thank you for attending the 2nd Annual GRIND Conference this past Friday.

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Excellent collaborative! Very informative and resourceful. The food was quite delicious as well – Rochelle Lemon-Howard, MSU Graduate Student

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