IN FOCUS Film Screening

This year, we introduce a special feature of our conference, the IN FOCUS film screening, featuring short documentary films by Morgan State University media students of renowned historian, activist and Morgan State University faculty member, Dr. Stacy Patton. This component is sponsored in part by Student Media Online. REGISTER HERE FOR THE CONFERENCE TODAY TO BE PART OF THIS INAUGURAL CONFERENCE SESSION.

The IN FOCUS film screening takes place at 10 am in the Morgan State University Student Center Theater. You must be registered in the conference to attend. Below are some of the featured films that will be screened and the filmmakers who will be part of the panel following the screening.

Christin Smith
Christin Smith

Filmmaker Christin Smith presents her film that was originally part of a class project for Dr. Gregory Adamo’s Cultural Seminar course for Graduate journalism students at the School of Global Journalism and Communication at Morgan State University. The project included telling stories about people from the margins of the community who were forgotten in the greater public sphere. This specific event was held at the Coldstream Homestead Montebello Sculpture Park and featured a closing reception with performances. The performers used poetry, singing, dance, and music to tell the stories of Black bodies in America. This event tied together community, art, and activism in one event that had a lasting effect on the audience.



Sam headshot
Samuel Robinson

Samuel Robinson presents his short film  What about the T? A Baltimore trans woman on the intersections of oppression.  The project is about trans equality in  Baltimore through the eyes of a Baltimore trans activist named Ava Pipitone. She talks about obstacles the trans community has faced and what she is doing to bring about change.



Korey Matthews - Headshot.JPG
Korey Matthews

These days, many marriages do not seem to last very long. People’s feelings change, and the vows that they take are seemingly forgotten. This is not the case in the marriage of Prince and Drucilla McLeod.  In this story, we see the enduring love of two individuals, and the things that one will go through to take care of someone close to them. This short film by Morgan State student Korey Matthews is a beautiful example of true dedication, and one that we can only hope to see more of in the future.

Jordan Walker

Filmmaker Jordan Walker presents her short film The History of Trap Music and Women in this Genre.  This film is about the humble beginnings of Trap Music and the women that stand out in the sub-genre of Hip-Hop music. Jordan Walker is an undergraduate student at Morgan State University.








jazmine hawes
Jazmine Hawes

Filmmaker Jazmine Hawes presents her short film Super Senior. In this short film, viewers will meet a college student who had his plans derailed to graduate in four years. The film examines his journey towards graduation as his responsibilities are compounded.




no-image-availableAriel Craig had no experience in creating, filming or editing stories through digital media,  but, her professor Dr. Stacey Patton challenged her in her multimedia storytelling class.  Her film Back to Work at 50 looks at the challenges people over 50 have in finding work.